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How To Build A Strong Website Silo Architecture

Silo Interlinking

Structure Your websites for top Google rankings by Siloing and theming

Building a silo structured website will mean structuring, categorizing and theming your sites very tightly together. This is something that the majority of websites do not do. Either because they have never thought of it or they dont know how to do it.

It requires a little thought before building your site but it's well worth it. It will structure your sites in such a way making sure there are no mixed signals being sent to the search engines.

It's vital we do all we can to help the search engines understand what our sites are about. A site that has been categorized and themed correctly is the only true way for sending such solid signals of relevancy.

Where we link out to, what internal pages we link to, how we structure our categories and content is all considered by the search engines and when setting up a Silo Architecture website then all of these areas are considered too.

What are the benefits of website Silo Architecture?

  1. It will reduce the amount of focus/time spent on offsite factors such as backlinks (By upto 90% less)
  2. You will increase your addwords quality score due to the relevancy of your site
  3. It provides a better user experience for your users
  4. You will rank for many more keyword variations (Hidden Terms based on LSI) - See our training on Google and LSI here

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